Two Rookie Voice Actresses Play Muv-Luv Alternative for the first time! Check Out Mari-Chi Alternative, Starts!

Starting Friday May 22nd, two rookie voice actresses will attempt to livestream play the entirety of Muv-Luv Alternative for the first time. The name of this new program? “Mari-Chi Alternative! Legal Play 120 Minute Course”!

The two of them first got their start playing the game in our May web event, “COMIFURI: I Don’t Want Dojin Circles to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Web Event”.  Now Maria Noda and Chisato Konno will be livestreaming 120 minutes of Muv-Luv Alternative every Friday 7:00 PM Japan time.  Check it out and see if they can clear it!

Episode 1(YouTube):
Muv-Luv Official Channel:

■About Our Voice Cast

Maria Noda
*She’ll be appearing as Chiru-nyan on the left side of the screen
Twitter @maria1313minnie

 Chisato Konno
 *She’ll be appearing as Lux-Tan on the right side of the screen
Twitter @Chan_cHi_03