Ash Arms x Muv-Luv Collab Begins Today!

Pretty Girl x Military Simulation RPG “Ash Arms” begins its collab with the Muv-Luv series today!

“Mitsurugi Meiya” “Takamura Yui” and “Irisdina Bernhard” challenge the BETA in the world of Ash Arms!
Not only does the game feature beautiful art and super-deformed TSFs, there’s also an entirely original scenario, as well as voices and BGM from the Muv-Luv games!

The collab runs from 5/22 (Friday) to 6/5 (Friday), so make sure you don’t miss it!

About Ash Arms:
・Title “Ash Arms”
・Genre Pretty Girl x Military Simulation RPG
・OS: iOS/Android
・Price: Free-to-Play
・Official Site:
・Official Twitter:

*Only available in Japan