left until Disfungible Countdown 2022!

Comiket 99 is finally here, after all the Corona-induced delays! And after 15 years, Muv-Luv Alternative is finally an anime. 2021 will be a year that you, and we, will never forget.

Not only did we have Comiket and a new start for Muv-Luv, we also saw the blockchain change how new IP is made forever. To finish off the year properly, we’ve tried to make a booth that represents Kouki Yoshimune's stories and our approach to storytelling, one that overturns established ideas about what a company booth at Comiket should be.

That’s why we’ve decided to name our event “Disfungible”, something unique that can’t be replaced.

This new booth, with our new Muv-Luv brand logo that's a symbol of Muv-Luv’s undying soul, is truly our declaration to the world. It’s also our prologue and a restarting of our of greatest strength: our stories.

Not only do we have original merchandise featuring out new logo, a symbol of standing strong and undefeated, but we also have things that will let you participate in making the booth itself. We've also got a stream and an online store for the age of remote. And on New Years Eve, the last day of Comiket, (And also the day of Operation Cherry Blossom!) we’ll be meeting the New Year alongside you with our yearly countdown event.

We’ll be doing new things that show a new approach to making content, and we hope you’ll join us either digitally or in the real world at our booth.

We hope you’ll enjoy our challenge for the future.

12/28/2021 Muv-Luv Executive Brand Producer

Comic Market 99
Location Ariake Tokyo International Exhibition Hall (Tokyo Big Site)
West Exhibition Hall 4
Booth Name No.221 “Muv-Luv”
Dates December 30th and 31st, 2021.
Time 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Entry into Comic Market 99 requires tickets purchased in advance.
See here for more details.


Event and Schedule revealed.
More information on our official twitter.

2022 Major Muv-Luv Announcement

2:00 PM 12/30

A look back at 2021, with new info about what we'll be doing in 2022.
Featuring: Takao Yagi, tororo, Kouki Yoshimune, others

New Years Eve Livestream

9:00 PM 12/31

Our New Years Eve Livestream Countdown is also our Comiket 99 Afterevent!
See our official twitter for more information!

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Official Muv-Luv Merch on Sale at Comiket!
Available at the event, or at our official merch site (BOOTH).

Official Merch Here (BOOTH)


Dec 30th 14:00-(Japan Time)2022 Major Muv-Luv Announcement
Dec 31st 21:00-(Japan Time)Disfungible Countdown 2022
Muv-Luv Official Channel