October 24th, 2020

Our interpreter came down with a fever, and we can't do the interpreting on YouTube. Instead, we're doing it on Discord! We'll upload a subtitled version later so you can watch that, too!

Come visit us on DISCORD to watch the event live!

The latest Muv-Luv online event, "Hakuryo aNCHOR Preparatory Academy Online Student Assembly" will be coming Saturday, October 24th! (Japan Time)

There'll be a concert, merchandise, the latest news on our games, and even a student assembly lead by Muv-Luv's very own executive producer, Kazutoshi "tororo" Matsumura! And you'll be able to enjoy it all online from the comfort of your own home!

We'll also be holding a cosplay contest with World Cosplay, the world's largest cosplay SNS, and a certain famous cosplayer will be joining in...?! And of course, you can see the latest info on the Muv-Luv Alternative anime too!


Vote on your favorite out of our 4 projects! Watch the event to learn about what we're doing, and then cast your vote for the one you like best! Your votes (and our staff) will decide the best project! We'll be making a special promotional video for the winner.

We'll also be giving 10$ Amazon Gift Card out everyday to randomly chosen voters. There'll be 10 winners a day for 8 days, for a total of 80 winners! (Contest runs 8 days, from 10/24 to 10/31. Ten winners will be chosen a day, for a total of eighty winners!)

Make sure you're following our official account, @muvluvseries, 'cause that's what we'll use to contact you!


*Entry Period: 10/24 (5:00 PM) ~ 10/31 (Ends at Midnight Japan time)
*Five votes per person per day! (Any tweets past the 5th won't be counted)
*Please don't change the message on the voting tweet! If you add something to it, please put it on a separate line!
*To win, you'll need a twitter account that follows our official account, @muvluvseries. (We can't contact you if your account is private!)
*Prizes differ by region. Japanese will recieve food, etc. while English winners will be given gift codes.)
*We'll contact the winners via DM by the middle of November!

Real-Time Voting Results

Grand Total


Look here for more information on each project!


Opening Ceremonies

MC:Takao Yagi / Starring:tororo,Koki Yoshimune

aNCHOR Muv-Luv Executive Brand Producer Captain tororo's Legend of Muv-Luv

MC:Takao Yagi / Commentator:tororo / Starring:Koki Yoshimune,Kumano,Maria Noda,Chisato Konno

Captain Kazutoshi "tororo" Matsumura is here to tell you all about the history of Muv-Luv. Learn all about how aNCHOR Academy got its start with the legend of Muv-Luv!

GoTo Muv-Luv

MC:Takao Yagi / Starring:tororo,Koki Yoshimune

Get to know some of our surface pilot's favorite shops and places to eat!

aNCHOR Academy's Mari-Chi School Store!

MC:Maria Noda,Chisato Konno

Newbie voice actresses Maria Noda and Chitoso Konno have just completed Muv-Luv. Their next task is to run the school store!

Promotion Corner

MC:Maria Noda,Chisato Konno

①Get a first look at our new figurines! Meiya and Sumika are coming to you in bunny-girl form with these new figures by FREEing.
②All Muv-Luv titles are 40% off on Steam! If you haven't checked them out, now is your chance!
③We'll be doing a twitter campaign! RT for a chance to win game keys!

An Announcement of a New Club! What is the "Original Story Architecture Lab"?

Starring:Maria Noda,tororo,Yukihiko Yamada

An announcement of a new club from aNCHOR, the story company!

Aim for the World! Muv-Luv Cosplay Contest

MC:Takao Yagi / Starring:Akira Itsuki,tororo,Koki Yoshimune

We've got a new way to bring Muv-Luv to the world! We're bringing in popular cosplayer Akira Itsuki to be our cosplay ambassador, as we embark on a new challenge for 2021!

Kitakuou's in Detention!

MC:Takao Yagi / Commentator:Kitakuou / Starring:tororo,Koki Yoshimune,Maria Noda,Chisato Konno

One year ago, Project Immortal began with the help of all your support. Unfortunately, it didn't quite go as well as expected! What happened?

Club Announcements (1) Project MIKHAIL

MC:Takao Yagi / Commentator:Kumano / Starring:tororo,Koki Yoshimune,Maria Noda,Chisato Konno

Kuma-chan (Project MIKHAIL's Director) is here to show off his ultra-cool TSFs! And to make them look even cooler, now he's working on the BETA! Look forward to the latest news on Project MIKHAIL!

Club Annoucements (2) Project-TDA

MC:Takao Yagi / Commentator:Koki Yoshimune / Starring:tororo,Kumano,Maria Noda,Chisato Konno

We're getting close to the end of TDA! Muv-Luv's creator, Koki Yoshimune, is here to show you some new image boards and tell you all about the project.

Light Music Club Concert!

Aki Misato / Minami Kuribayashi

A special concert by Aki Misato and Minami Kuribayashi, singers of many famous Muv-Luv songs.

Get the Latest on the Muv-Luv Alternative Anime!

MC:Takao Yagi / Starring:tororo,Koki Yoshimune

Get the latest info on the Muv-Luv Alternative anime, which we first announced at last year's event! We've got a special treat in store for you this time!

Closing Ceremonies

MC:Takao Yagi / Starring:tororo,Koki Yoshimune

*Actual schedule may differ!