Find out what happens to Earth after
Takeru fails to save humanity in Muv-Luv Unlimited.

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At long last, the wait is finally over! Picking up directly where Muv-Luv Unlimited left off, witness the aftermath of Alternative V, as the last remnants of humanity fight a desperate battle for survival on a barren and desolate Earth! Featuring a brand-new cast (with some returning fan-favorites thrown in for good measure!) and all-new challenges to face, this epic four-part saga is sure to please longtime fans and newcomers alike!

So strap in and get ready, because the ride didn't end with Alternative — and in keeping with Muv-Luv tradition, there is only suffering and despair on the horizon!


IJMDF 1st Battalion
17th Flight "Wardog"
Lt.Tatsunami Hibiki
Flight leader of the Wardogs. He has prior command experience. His positive personality keeps the morale of his men high.
IJMDF 1st Battalion
17th Flight "Wardog"
2nd Lt.Sendo Yuzuka
A highly talented surface pilot who came from the same flight as Hibiki. Seeing to Hibiki's needs is always her top priority, but sometimes she can take things a little too far...
IJMDF 1st Battalion
17th Flight "Wardog"
2nd Lt.Ellen Aice
Belongs to the Japanese army despite being from an enemy nation, Canada. Formerly an orbital diver.
IJMDF 1st Battalion
17th Flight "Wardog"
2nd Lt.Shizuku Miono
A war orphan who grew up under harsh conditions. Only recently became a surface pilot. She doesn't really remember her homeland, and eagerly asks anyone who knows about it for information.
IJMDF 1st Battalion Commander
MajorJinguuji Marimo
Commander of an active military unit. Constantly stressed out and busy dealing with problems between the Japanese refugees and America.
IJMDF 1st Battalion
2nd Squadron "Crane"
Lt.Matsukaze Ryoichi
Went to the same school as Hibiki. Prior to Operation Babylon, he was assigned to Kyushu.
1st Rear Support Battalion
Maintenance and Repair Tech
SergeantKusumoto Sayaka
A mechanic in charge of the maintenance of the 1st Battalion's units. Always knows the latest rumors, and is always there to provide a listening ear to the surface pilots.
United States Army
66th Tactical Armored Battalion
"Hunters" Affiliation
MajorAlfred Walken
A unit leader who's also responsible for resolving disputes with the Japanese military.
US Marine Corps
318th Tactical Corps
VMF-318 Black Knives
Lt.Lilia Kjellberg
The one survivor of a horrible incident...
IJMDF 2nd Battalion
2nd Squadron
3rd Flight Affiliation
Lt.Ogami Ritsuko
A flight commander who shares a homeland with Miono. Can be a bit crazy at times, but cares about others far more than most people.



In a desperate attempt to exterminate the BETA, mankind has forsaken the Earth. Stranded onboard a TSF carrier in the South Pacific, a handful of survivors scramble to find a way back home to America. This is the beginning of The Day After...

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The epic saga of The Day After continues! In the aftermath of Operation Babylon, only a few inhabitable places remain on Earth. Follow the Japanese survivors in Seattle as they struggle to rebuild their lives — and defend themselves from the BETA.

Coming to Steam!


Muv Luv Unlimited: The Day After continues! The Shogun has come to Seattle, and with her, an installation that might solve the ongoing food crisis. But tensions simmer beneath the surface, as an unseen enemy waits for its chance to strike.

Coming to Steam!


The stakes grow higher in this latest episode of Muv Luv Unlimited: The Day After! The shadow of nuclear annihilation looms over mankind, as France places the city of Seattle in the crosshairs. Can humanity overcome this crisis and unite to face the BETA?

Coming to Steam!