Sale ending soon for Muv-Luv Alternative Episodes 1-3, and Burning Unsold Cards

Time is running out to for some Keyframe Cards!
At 9:30 PM on December 10th JST, we’ll be stopping selling some Keyframe Cards and burning their remainder.
*Burning is a process that makes a crypto asset lost forever.
This burn will be for unsold Keyframe Cards of MuvLuv Alternative episodes 1 through 3. Cards you’ve purchased will not be burnt.
【The Following Will No Longer Be For Sale】
・Muv-Luv Alternative episode 1 “The State of the World”
・Muv-Luv Alternative episode 2 “Recurring Worlds”
・Muv-Luv Alternative episode 3 “Something to Protect”
【Sale Ending Time】
2021/12/10 21:30
They will no longer be available for sale after this time.
Thank you for supporting Keyframe Card!