Shirogane Takeru is an ordinary teenager who spends his days 
  hanging out with his childhood friend and classmate, Kagami Sumika.
  One day, his peaceful ordinary life is interrupted when the heir to
  a global megaconglomorate, Mitsurugi Meiya,
  appears out of nowhere and moves into his house.
  Meiya swears that she and Takeru are bound by fate,
  and won’t listen to what anybody else has to say. 
  And when Meiya arrives, she brings all kinds of chaos with her,
  and Takeru's classmates Sakaki Chizuru, Ayamine Kei, Tamase Miki,
  and Yoroi Mikoto, all get caught up in the mess! 
  There’s lots of laughs and fun, and Takeru's actions start to
  have a big influence on the people around him,
  and he begins to establish deeper relationships with them. 
  As the world around Takeru starts to change,
  what ending will he choose for himself?


If the world's changing, we have to change too.
Shirogane Takeru /  / A student in class 3-B at Hakuryou. He might look lazy and uncaring, but he has a manly and caring side. He’s a decent athlete and a good student, and his classmates respect him. He’s very dense when it comes to girls, though. He's a huge fan of the 3D robot fighting game Valgern-on, which he plays with his friend Yoroi Mikoto.
No! No! No! Takeru and I have been together FOREVER!
Kagami Sumika /  / A cheerful but clumsy student in class 3-B at Hakuryou. Positive and friendly towards everyone, but nosy and strict with Takeru. She lives next door to him and comes to wake him up every day. And of course, their rooms on the 2nd floor face each other. She’s always secretly liked Takeru, and when Meiya arrives she decides to try and be more than friends.
Don’t worry about a thing... You and I are bound by absolute fate. (grin)
Mitsurugi Meiya /  / The heir to a global megaconglomerate who forces her way into Takeru’s home. A master of the Mugen Kidou style, she wields a family katana called the Minaru Kamui. Noble and strong willed, but never bossy. She has very little knowledge of the world beyond what her tutors taught her, and what she does know comes from bizarre sources. Her strange behavior can sometimes be a source of awe and wonder for the people around her. She’s constantly proclaiming her love for Takeru, regardless of who else is around her.
My real feelings are a secret... Because if everybody knew them, we couldn’t be friends anymore.
Tamase Miki /  / An innocent and friendly girl who’s the mascot of class 3B. Her dream is for everyone to stay friends forever. Takeru treats her like a pet, but she doesn’t really mind. She's a member of the archery team, and while she has a lot of talent, her extreme fear of crowds keeps her from using it to the fullest.
Sheesh! What is WRONG with you? Why... why would I care about a guy like him?
Sakaki Chizuru /  / The bossy and way-too-serious class rep of Class 3B. A good athlete and a great student, she’s liked and trusted by everyone around her. She’s already got a recommendation to go on to Hakuryou University. She has a strong sense of responsibility and tries her best to live up to the expectations of the people around her. The pressure of trying so hard, though, can sometimes get to her. She hates people who don’t follow the rules and take things seriously (particularly men), so she’s constantly getting into arguments with Takeru and Kei. The former head of the Lacrosse team, which is on the verge of being disbanded. (She's turned it over to one of the younger students now.)
......................................................... Will you buy it for me?
Ayamine Kei /  / A student in her 3rd year Hakuryou. Quiet and hard to read. She’s extremely good with working with her hands, and a great athlete. When she first came to the school every athletic team wanted her to join. She's a lone wolf who doesn’t get along with other people, with the one unusual exception being Miki. Her antisocial attitude constantly gets her in trouble with Chizuru, the class rep. Always carries a yakisoba sandwich, a popular item in the school cafeteria.
I've never forgotten you for a moment. Even at the South Pole, or at the bottom of the Gja, the great gash in the Earth!
Yoroi Mikoto /  / A friendly and kind student in class 3-B at Hakuryou. Spacey and tends not to listen to what other people have to say. Their father is an adventurer, who's dragged them along on their journeys around the earth. This means they know a lot about bizarre plants and crafts. Often absent because they’re away on adventures. Bonded with Takeru this year over Valgern-on. Now they hang out all the time.
Jinguuji Marimo /  / The kind but strict HR teacher of Class 3B. She teaches English. Everyone calls her Marimo-chan. She can sometimes be a little inflexible, but she deeply cares about her students, and they respect her in turn. To Takeru, she’s like an annoying older sister. In college, they say she was known and feared by the name “Mad Dog”. Her old friend Yuuko knows a lot of her secrets, and uses them to blackmail her.
Kouzuki Yuuko /  / A physics teacher who's a little crazy. She listens to Takeru’s problems and gives him advice. Loves trouble and anything fun. She's far smarter than she looks, but her disrespect for authority and love of chaos got her exiled from academia, and now she's a simple physics teacher. A graduate of Hakuryou who’s known Jinguuji Marimo for years. Owner of a Stratos sports car, which she sometimes takes for a spin around the baseball field.
Tsukuyomi Mana /  / The head maid of the Mitsurugi clan. Loyal and kind, but “sharp” in every sense of the word. She tries her best to work from the shadows to bring Meiya and Takeru together, but refuses to do anything to harm the other’s chances. From her perspective, such an act would be shameful. Most of Meiya’s attempts to seduce Takeru are her idea.
Suzumiya Akane /  / The Class Rep of Yuuko's class, Class 3D. Former captain of the swim team. A good athlete and good student. Chizuru's friend and rival. Before, the sad glances you'd occasionally see on her face won the hearts of the boys, but lately she’s seemed to get over whatever was bothering her. Her new, cheerful attitude has won her even more fans throughout school. After graduating, she’ll be going to join a college sports team in America.
Kamiyo Tatsumi & Tomoe Yukino & Ebisu Minagi /  / Meiya’s trio of maids. The three of them are always together, and always causing trouble. Tsukuyomi orders them to take care of Takeru, but they often cause more problems than they’re worth.


One day, Takeru wakes up to find himself in another world. 
    This new world has spent over 20 years fighting alien invaders
    called BETA, and humanity is on the verge of destruction.
    His old school is now a military base,
    and his classmates are all training to become pilots.
    And Sumika, his childhood friend, is nowhere to be found...


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