October 22nd, 2001.
Takeru Shirogane, a boy who’d been living an ordinary life in peaceful Japan, suddenly wakes up in a world he doesn't recognize. 
In this world, humanity has fought a decades-long war against alien invaders called BETA, and is on the brink of defeat. 
Japan is now a militarized nation on the front lines of the war. 
Unsure of how he got here or what’s going on, Takeru gradually accepts his fate, and joins the United Nations army as a surface pilot in order to help save humanity. There, he fights alongside the people he loves. 
But even as mankind is in danger of extinction, the nations of the world refuse to work together. In the end, humanity is forced to abandon the Earth. 

Three years later, Takeru wakes up from a deep sleep, and finds himself back in his room he recognizes from his old world. 

Was it all a dream...? 
His hopes of arriving back home, however, only last for a moment before being mercilessly dashed. 
The calendar reads October 22nd, 2001. 
And outside his room is nothing but miles of rubble. He’s back where he began, on the first day he arrived in this parallel world! 
First, he travels worlds, and then, he leaps back in time. 
Still unsure of what's going on, he shakes off his disappointment and heads off into the waste, resolve in his heart. 
Now that he knows the future that waits this world, he can change the tragedy that befalls it. 
With his knowledge of mankind’s future defeat, and a strange sense of loss in his heart, he readies himself for the task before him. 

Will Takeru be able to lead mankind to victory?


Shirogane Takeru / A trainee with Yokohama Base’s Surface Pilot School, Flight 207B. An ordinary boy who woke up one morning to find himself in a world that has been battling the BETA for decades. With Yuuko's help, he becomes a trainee, where he learns to pilot mecha called Tactical Surface Fighters to help him survive until the day he can return home.
Mitsurugi Meiya / A trainee with Yokohama Base’s Surface Pilot School, Flight 207B. A cool, collected, and noble warrior who's a master of close-range combat, particlarly with a blade. There are rumors she’s related to the Shogun, but the details are a mystery. She has her own special Takemikazuchi brought in, and staff sent from the Royal Guard to protect her, which means that whoever she is, she must be important. However, she hates being given special treatment.
Tamase Miki / A trainee with Yokohama Base’s Surface Pilot School, Flight 207B. She values working together and getting along with everybody above all else. She may look timid and like someone you can’t count on, but she’s actually a hard worker who overcame her extreme shyness through great effort. She’s the best sniper in the Far East. Her father is an Undersecretary with the UN who believes that she’s the leader of her Flight. She “accidentally” wrote that in her letter to him, whoch means she may be bolder than she appears.
Sakaki Chizuru / A trainee with Yokohama Base’s Surface Pilot School, Flight 207B. The flight’s leader. A stickler for the rules who’s always looking out for what's best for the whole group, she can also sometimes be a little too stubborn and refuse to make exceptions that need to be made. She and Ayamine Kei argue a lot. Her father is Prime Minister, and thus she was eligible to be excused from conscription. But she volunteered for the UN anyway.
Ayamine Kei / A trainee with Yokohama Base’s Surface Pilot School, Flight 207B. Always calm in battle, and a great fighter up close, but she tends to act on the spur of the moment and not think about the rest of her team. Constantly clashing with Chizuru. Her father was a general in the Imperial Army who was executed for fleeing in the face of the enemy, a fact which deeply shames her. She has an almost insane attachment to never retreating from battle.
Yoroi Mikoto / A trainee with Yokohama Base’s Surface Pilot School, Flight 207B. A talented survivalist and the one who keeps up the unit’s spirits. She met Takeru last, because she was injured during training, but her easygoing personality helped her quickly open up to him. Friendly with everyone, but sometimes doesn’t listen to what others are saying.
Yashiro Kasumi / Often found in the room with the brainstem on the 19th sublevel of Yokohama Base. Nothing about her is known, but she is a critical aspect of the secretive Alternative IV project. She comes to wake up Takeru every morning, but it seems like there’s more to it than simple friendliness. A very mysterious character. Sometimes shows an obessive attachment to the brainstem cylinder.
Jinguuji Marimo / Instructor of Yokohama Base’s Surface Pilot School 207. Her rank is Sergeant. She was recruited from the Imperial Army by Yuuko when the school was founded. She takes a great deal of pride in her work as an instructor. The reason she’s so tough on her students is that many of the trainees she’s sent out to battle have never come back. She’s known Yuuko since they were both in school.
Kouzuki Yuuko / XO of the UN's Yokohama Base. A genius physicist and the leader in charge of the key to humanity's salvation, Alternative IV. She’s said to have as much, or more, authority at the base as its actual commander. She has a unique theory of quantum causality, and when Takeru tells her he's from another world, she goes out of her way to help him.
Tsukuyomi Mana / A commander of the 19th Independent Platoon of the Imperial Royal Guard. Her rank is 1st Lieutenant. A soldier with a deep sense of honor and duty. Completely loyal to Meiya and will do anything to help her. She’s suspicious of Takeru, but it’s not know why. A top class surface pilot.
Kamiyo Tatsumi & Tomoe Yukino & Ebisu Minagi / Members of the 19th Independent Platoon of the Imperial Royal Guard. Their ranks are all 2nd Lieutenant. They swear loyalty to their commanding officer, Mana, and to Mitsurugi Meiya. Unlike the three idiots in Takeru's old world, they are born soldiers.
Isumi Michiru / The leader of Unit A-01, which answers directly to Kouzuki Yuuko. Her rank is Captain. She gives off the air of a cold perfectionist, but is actually a caring person who thinks a lot about the people under her command. The 2nd oldest of four sisters. Her older sister serves in the Interior Ministry while her younger sisters are surface pilots in the Imperial Army.
Munakata Misae / Number 3 in command of Special Mission Team A-01. Her rank is 1st Lieutenant. She often catches the people around her off guard with her out-of-the-blue reamrks. Often found with Kazama, and there are rumors about their relationship. She looks after the whole unit, and supports Mitsuki Hayase, the team’s Storm Vanguard.
Kazama Touko / A member of Special Mission Team A-01. Her rank is 2nd Lieutenant. She has a calm and relaxed demeanor. She keeps a broad view of the entire battlefield, and looks out for the members in the rear as well. She also serves as a bridge between the rear teams and the front line pair of Hayase Mitsuki and Munakata Misae.
Kashiwagi Haruko / A member of Special Mission Team A-01. Her rank is 2nd Lieutenant. Just like Akane Suzumiya, she’s a fellow former member of 207A. In Muv-Luv Extra she was a member of the lacross team. Her way of thinking is calm and occassionally ruthelss, but her bright, cheerful personality keeps others from getting upset with her. Two of her little brothers will be conscripted soon.
Suzumiya Haruka / A-01's Combat Zone Control officer. Her rank is 1st Lieutenant. She may look kind and relaxed, but she has a strong core. The older sister of Suzumiya Akane, and a classmate of Hayase Mitsuki. She wanted to be a surface pilot, but a training injury made that impossible. She decided to support her comrades as an operator instead.
Hayase Mitsuki / Number 2 in command of Special Mission Team A-01. Her rank is 1st Lieutenant. Cheerful and boisterous, she has a secret delicate side. A good friend and rival of her former classmate, Suzumiya Haruka. She's easy to set off, and Munakata constantly makes fun over. Very irritating when drunk.
Suzumiya Akane / A member of Special Mission Team A-01. Her rank is 2nd Lieutenant. Happy and friendly, but can be unexpectedly hot-blooded sometimes. A good friend of Chizuru's who graduated a half year earlier than her. Suzumiya Haruka’s younger sister. Formerly the head of A Flight. She looked up to Hayase Mitsuki and is after the Storm Vanguard because of that.


Type 77 Tactical Surface Fighter (F-4J/-Type77) Gekishin[UN] / A variant of the F-4 Phantom, humanity’s first Tactical Surface Fighter, used by the Imperial Army. Highly mobile and rarely breaks down. It’s a 1st Gen model, but has been heavily modernized and still forms the core of humanity’s defenses.
Type 81 Tactical Surface Attacker(A-6J/-Type81) Wadatsumi / A variant of the American A-6 Intruder used by the Imperial Guard. Built to be launched from submarines and used to secure landing beachheads. It can fight on both land and in the water, and has heavy army.
Type 94 Tactical Surface Fighter (TSF-Type94) Shiranui[UN] / Japan’s first purely domestic TSF model and the first 3rd Generation TSF to be brought into the war. This highly mobile TSF began deployment in ‘94 and is the Imperial Army’s next main unit.
Type 97 Tactical Surface Training Unit (TST-Type97) Fubuki[UN] / A training TSF that was designed off a base prototype for the 3rd-Gen Shiranui, and has been mass produced for training purposes. Despite being a training unit, it is capable of being armed and put into combat, where it will excel.
Type 00 Tactical Surface Fighter (TSF-Type00) Takemikazuchi / A purely domestic TSF used by the Imperial Royal Guard. Developed as the next-generation successor to the Imperial Royal Guard’s “Zuikaku”. It’s tuned for melee combat, and has blade edge armor and internal carbon blades, weapons lacking on other Imperial Army weapons. The Purple Takemikazuchi brought in at the middle of the story is a special model, just for Meiya.
F-15E Strike Eagle[US Army] / A 2nd Generation TSF used by the US Military. The strongest 2nd Gen TSF. It is the mainstay of the American army, and deployed all over the globe.


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