• An all-ages version of the game based off of “Kimi ga Nozomu Eien ~Latest Edition~”.
  • Created by the original staff.
  • Voices will be from Latest Edition as well as the console edition.
  • The menu screens will also be updated for easier play.


Choosing someone always means hurting someone else...
A “realistic love story” about how its hero,
Narumi Takayuki, grows up.

Narumi Takayuki is a young man in his last year at Hakuryo Hiiragi Academy.
There's not much time left before he graduates, but he still has no idea what he's going to do with the rest of his life. He spends his days not doing much of anything in particular, and feeling a vague sense that he's running out of time.

One day, his classmate and female friend Hayase Mitsuki invites him and his buddy, Taira Shinji, to a summer festival. There, she introduces him to a friend of hers, Suzumiya Haruka.
Haruka is an extremely shy, introverted girl, and since Mitsuki's trying hard to make her feel like part of the gang, Takayuki does his best to make her feel comfortable as well. But for some reason, instead of being grateful, she goes out of her way to avoid him. He leaves the festival frustrated and annoyed.

Days later, though, Haruka calls him out to the hill behind the school and tells him that she's in love with him.
Knowing how much courage it must have taken a shy girl like her to ask him out, he finds himself unable to say no. The two begin dating, even though he's not really interested in her.


At the start, his conversations with her are strained and awkward.

But as time passes, the two of them grow closer,
and Takayuki finds himself falling in love with her sweet, innocent nature.

And then one day...


I'd thought that everything was
getting just a little better.
Narumi Takayuki
Blood type : O
The main character of “Kimi ga Nozomu Eien.” A student in his last year at Hakuryo Hiiragi. He’ll do bold things like leave school in the middle of the day, but actually, he’s the type to just go along with whatever’s happening around him. Graduation is getting closer and closer, but he’s not making any plans for the future, and he senses that he’s running out of time. He's never been super-popular with girls, but they don't avoid him, either. He starts dating Haruka after she asks him to.
As long as everybody’s happy…
even if it's a lie, maybe that’s okay.
Haruka Suzumiya
CV:Kuribayashi Minami
Birthday : March 22
Blood type : A
A student in her last year at Hakuryo Hiiragi. A shy girl who doesn’t really stand out in class. People around her, though, say that she’s actually pretty cute. She and Mitsuki met in their first year at the academy, and are best friends. Her hobby is collecting picture books, and her dream is to become a picture book author. She asks Narumi to date in Chapter 1, but at first, they don’t get along.
You know, girls want to have
a boy’s kindness all to themselves.
Hayase Mitsuki
CV:Ishibashi Tomoko
Birthday : August 27
Blood type : A
A student in her last year at Hakuryo Hiiragi. She's in the same class as Narumi and Shinji, and she's also a member of the swim team. She's a good enough swimmer that she’s got a shot at being selected for the Olympics. Cheerful, energetic, and caring, but also a little too nosy for her own good. To Narumi, she’s someone he can talk to freely despite being a member of the opposite sex. She’s been friends with Haruka since their first year.
You're a great person, Senpai.
I feel like I can trust you.
Suzumiya Akane
CV:Uehara Tomomi
Birthday : October 20
Blood type : A
Haruka’s sister, who's three years younger than she is. Bright, chipper, and a little bratty. She's jealous of her sister’s relationship with Narumi, and looks up to him like a real brother herself. A member of the swim team, she worships Mitsuki, a winner of many tournaments.
This isn’t about logic!
We’re friends!
Taira Shinji
CV:Ando Masaki
Birthday : June 8
Blood type : AB
A student in his last year at Hakuryo Hiiragi. Narumi's classmate, and best friend. He's has a decent amount of romantic experience, but always chooses friendship over love. His grades are excellent, and he’s going to Hakuryo University to learn how to take over his dad’s accounting firm. He's extremely sharp, and truly cares about the people around him. His advice has helped his friends many times.
stop acting like a child.
Homura Manami
CV:Amemiya Maki
Birthday : February 19
Blood type : O
A student in her first year at Hakuryo Hiiragi. She’s caring, nurturing, and motherly. She’s a member of the school health committee. She has a crush on Narumi, even though he doesn’t know it. Ends up leaving school for family reasons.
I’ll rip out your tongue
and stuff it up your ass!
Daikuuji Ayu
CV:Ootomo Kiyori
Birthday : December 14
Blood type : B
First appears in Chapter 2. One of Narumi's co-workers at his restaurant job. She has a foul mouth that would make a sailor gasp in horror, and a murderously wicked personality. She’ She fights with Narumi constantly, but doesn’t hate him as much as she says she does. She’s actually the daughter of the owner of the massively wealthy “Daikuuji Group”, and is working a part-time restaurant job in secret to “learn how the other half lives.”
Is it wrong to want to be beside you?
To want you to see me as an equal?
Tamano Mayu
CV:Yoshida Kyouko
Birthday : May 11
Blood type : AB
First appears in Chapter 2. A new employee at the restaurant where Narumi works. Loves animals and samurai movies more than anything. Almost inhumanly clumsy, she’s constantly dropping plates and making messes. With her innocent, positive personality, though, she never lets it get her down. She looks up to Narumi. (He's been at the restaurant long enough that he’s actually good at his job.)



Title Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
Genre Romance Adventure
OS Windows 10 or later
Developer aNCHOR Inc.
Publisher aNCHOR Inc.
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