We couldn’t come to Anime Expo, so we’re throwing our own party: our first-ever event for non-Japanese fans of Muv-Luv! On July 1st, we’ll be throwing our own event online, and bigger and better than we ever could’ve done in LA! Expect lots of cool stuff, rare merch, and the latest info and announcements on our upcoming games!


7/16:00 PM (PDT)Game Info Panel
7:15 PM (PDT)Aki Misato Mini-Concert &
Minami Kuribayashi Mini-Concert
8:00 PM (PDT)Chat with the Creators!
9:00 PM (PDT)Total Eclipse (Episodes 1-6)
7/26:00 PM (PDT)Total Eclipse (Episodes 7-24)


7/2/2020Goods information has come.
7/1/2020Retweet campaign has started.

Follow @muvluvseries and retweet for a chance to win one of up to 100 posters signed by Muv-Luv creator Kouki Yoshimune!
We’re also giving away free rare wallpapers on the event YouTube page! Check the description section of the page for details!
Every 1000 retweets, we’ll add another wallpaper, so smash that retweet button!

【Breakdown of poster winners】
~4,999RT:15 people
5,000RT Achievement: 30 people
10,000RT Achievement:100 people
6/23/2020“Muv-Luv Expo: The Summer of (Muv)Luv” Website Open


âge Graphicers

Get your hands on a forgotten piece of Muv-Luv history, now available in digital form!

This ultra-rare artbook was originally sold only at Comiket 78, and has been out of print for over a decade.

Featuring art from Muv-Luv, KimiNozo: Rumbling Hearts, and other games from the brand’s past, it’s a must-have for all true collectors!


Game Info Panel

Get all the latest information on our games! Hear about what’s up with our dark action RPG game Project MIKHAIL, our upcoming strategy/action RPG game Project Immortal, and announcements for which games we’ll be bringing over next!

Aki Misato Mini-Concert & Minami Kuribayashi Mini-Concert

There’s no convention concerts this year, so we’ve brought the concerts to you! Singers Minami Kuribayashi and Aki Misato are here to sing you the songs of Muv-Luv! Look forward to Saigo no Eden, Muv-Luv, Doubt the World, and other fantastic songs from the franchise’s past!

Chat with the Creators!

Got questions about our games? We’ve got answers! Franchise creator Kouki Yoshimune and the rest of the staff are here to answer all your questions about the world of Muv-Luv! Submit your questions to our twitter account, @MuvLuvSeries!

Total Eclipse Anime Watch Party & Commentary

Let’s all watch Total Eclipse together! We’ll be streaming all 24 episodes of the anime on YouTube, complete with commentary by Kouki Yoshimune, the original creator of Muv-Luv!
(Commentary is pre-recorded)